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GPS tracking softwares and GPS trackers from Shenzhen Yiwen Technology Co., Ltd. are mature and user-friendly.
We have entered the GPS tracking industry since 2008.
Nowadays, there are plenty of clients(companies, telecom operators, government departments, television stations and cop organizations) cooperated with us in the whole world. Obviously, stability and accessibility of our trackers and softwares are appreciated by the whole industry.
The best products and services will be delivered to clients to earn their trusts! Giving trust to us is your best investment!

GPS Tracker

GPS Watch
Item GPS Tracker
Person GPS Tracker
Vehicle GPS Tracker
Pet Collar GPS Tracker


Pets: Cat, dog, pig, horse ect.
People: Baby, kid, teen, adult, elderly etc.
Vehicles: Car, truck, motorbike, electrocar etc.
Industries: Vehicle rental, transportation, pet shop, amusement park etc.

GPS Tracking Software Development/Customization

GPS tracking software development and customization e.g. User interface, LOGO, function etc. can be provided to make sure clients' softwares are the unique ones.
Vehicle GPS Tracker GX805 Mini GPS Tracker GX803 Pets GPS Tracker GV30 Vehicle OBD Mini GPS Tracker GM910
Cheap Mini GPS Tracker GA18 3G WCDMA Mini GPS Tracker GX09 The Smallest GPS Tracker GA12 Mini GPS Tracker GX29